Bombarded by impressions, evoking the ephemeral, your news source to the invisible!

Some images posted are currently available for purchase.  If you would like to buy a painting, print, or commission a work, please email me at biznesspantsventures@gmail.com.

“I believe in the practice and philosophy of what we have agreed to call magic, in what I must call the evocation of spirits, though I do not know what they are, in the power of creating magical illusions, in the visions of truth in the depths of the mind when the eyes are closed; and I believe in three doctrines, which have, as I think, been handed down from early times, and been the foundations of nearly all magical practices. These doctrines are—

(1) That the borders of our minds are ever shifting, and that many minds can flow into one another, as it were, and create or reveal a single mind, a single energy.

(2) That the borders of our memories are as shifting, and that our memories are a part of one great memory, the memory of Nature herself.

(3) That this great mind and great memory can be evoked by symbols.”

-William Butler Yeats, from Ideas of Good and Evil

Joshua Wright was born in Charleston, West Virginia in 1983.  After several experiences suggesting correlations between internal and external events/manifestations, Wright began to study esoteric and archetypal themes, directing his energy into questioning the nature and construction of symbols.  How are humans entranced by symbology, arts, and culture?  Why does our communication need symbolic indicators as a medium?  What may be the greater constructs and forces behind these images?

Moses Casual works primarily in oil and acrylic paints, consciously infusing visual art with alchemical process.  He has a BFA from the University of North Carolina — Greensboro, and apparently talks about himself in third person.

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